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You can’t argue with a Liberal

December 27, 2008

I was reading this article and throughout I started to understand why you can’t argue with a Liberal – the author likened the Liberal ideology to religious zealotism (is that a word?) – and as most people know, there is no arguing with one of THOSE people.

And you know what? That’s fine. We’re all free to think and live how we want (well, within reason).

As much as I hate it, we have to let the Liberals live the life they want, and let THEM suffer the consequences. It’s no use trying to make them see reason, because they’ve got blinders on. They cling to their political beliefs like they are God – and no amount of common sense seems to be able to stop it.

I have personally engaged (or tried to engage) in discussions with some of the most intellectually gifted people I know – and none of them could give me clear and meaningful explanations about why Liberalism and/or Socialism were beneficial to society. There was no reason behind it…it was all “feeling.” “It’s the right thing to do” is what I heard a lot.

And that’s when I understood how so many people can be fooled by this Liberal message…because they pander to your emotions…not to your brain. They assume you’re either incapable of understand how great their plan is, or that shockingly, if you did understand the plan, you wouldn’t like it.

Think about it…because it’s EXACTLY what Barack Hussein Obama did.

Like the author in the article I read said, we need to have more power handed over to the state and local governments. If a particular local government wants to govern socialism – fine – because you’re still free to go live somewhere that won’t take all your money and tell you how to live. Let them have their liberal havens and see how they like it.

But they won’t go for it…because they’re zealots…they believe everything has to live under this socialist blanket. And now we’ve elected a guy who wants to try and make it happen. He wants to rip even more power away from states, so he can wield more of it – so he can try and prove he’s right.

Here’s to hoping he fails miserably.

~T the D

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