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What doesn’t make you fat these days?

December 29, 2008

I fully expect to read an informative news story soon urging us all to just stop eating – because it will make you fat.

Today I read a story informing of something I’ve been hearing a lot about lately – how diet soda can actually make you fat!

They claim that even though the beverage contains no calories, it can make you crave sweets, then you eat the sweets, and then you eat too many of the sweets, and then you can’t fit into your jeans and you develop cankles, man-boobs, a spare tire, muffin top, and quite possibly the dreaded back-fat.

I have been drinking diet soda for years. I enjoy the taste and it keeps me from drinking other beverages that contain calories. But I’m also a fairly intelligent woman – so I try to drink only 1 or 2 a day (maybe 3 if I really just need another one) and the rest of the time it is strictly water.

The only thing making me fatter in this situation is the double cheeseburger and fries I often consume along with my diet coke (which I’m thrilled only cost a dollar at McD’s now).

I’m just really tired of being told what is going to make me fat. I know what will make me fat…eating more calories than I burn.

There might be other factors that influence that – but basically that’s how it works. So instead of scaring people into believing everything they put into their mouths is going to make them fat, I’d really enjoy it if someone would put out a story telling people the truth – that if you simply put less calories into your mouth than you burn everyday, you’ll lose weight. And if you just want to break even, put the same amount of calories in your mouth that you burn everyday.

And if you notice that diet soda makes you pig out on Little Debbies, then stop drinking it. Or learn to control your snack cake cravings.

Shit…how hard is that?

Even I get it…and I’m pretty sure I’m mildly retarded.

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