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January 2, 2009

I just read (in shock) this news story over at CNS News.

Apparently we issued 3,400 visas to immigrants from ‘State Sponsors of Terror’ in 2008.

Those nations would be Iran, Cuba, Syria, and Sudan.

This was all done under the blanket of the “Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.”

Apparently, countries that have a low immigrant rate to the United States are eligible for the program, in which 50,000 visas are given at random. If you live in an eligible country, you can register, then 96,000 (approximately) of the registrants are chosen randomly and can then apply for a visa – 50,000 of which are then given out.

This is a program mandated by Congress.

It’s like affirmative action on steroids.

No wonder we have so many freaking immigration problems in this country. We just like to randomly give out visas to people. How about people apply, and if they’re eligible, they are given a visa on a first come-first serve basis, regardless of their home country? Wouldn’t that be the fair solution? And how about we put a cap on it? We only allow a certain number of visas a year?

It’s not cruel…it’s for our own country’s safety and well-being.

I guess if the dems get there way we’ll have open borders anyway…so it won’t really matter, will it?

~T the D

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