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The great debate

January 4, 2009

Evolution vs. NOT Evolution

I was reading an interesting blog, and it got me thinking

I’ve always been skeptical about evolution – mostly because I simply cannot wrap my head around the concept that all of this world I live in and my own life were merely part of a giant fortuitous accident.

How can I look around and believe that?

Of course, that’s not science, that’s human feeling and observation.

But it turns out, science actually points to NOT evolution. The problem with that is – if we’re not here because of evolution – people actually have to entertain the notion that perhaps something created us.

What gets me is that I don’t understand why that’s a concept so many people want to dismiss. Isn’t it worse to believe that we’re all just an accident? If that’s true, then what meaning is there in our lives? If this is it, then everything we do and each day we live is meaningless.

What a horribly unfortunate way to live your life – with that belief in your mind.

~T the D

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