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Clearly…cyborgs are being bred

January 5, 2009

I just read this on Roseanne Barr’s blog:

for my people the jews! Like Judith I will cut off the head of their opposition! like deborah i will prophecy of military intelligence. The nazis have bombed a mosque! these are not jews! these are nazis! the experiment worked the way hitler willed it to work—jews and germans when bred together create a cyborg!!!! with no heart!!!! hashem where are you today? I accuse you! I accuse god today! To have brought the jewish people out of bondage and slavery to sacrifice them on their own altar once again proves your cruelty to your children, and so we are dumping you daddio! we will once again immerge our souls into that which is elemental. In the name of the HOLY motherandfather in heaven, amen. i am david and the beast will fall. i programmed the matrix of cyber, and still do. she who is and is not yet rises further in the green pandomonium!

I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before someone finds her smearing her own feces on a wall somewhere.

~T the D

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