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Islamo-Phobia can seriously go kiss my ass

January 10, 2009

I actually heard that term today…

From now on, when people talk about the persecution of the Islamic faith – I’m going to laugh – because it has to be a joke, right?

Give me a handful of examples of the recent horrors they have had to experience. Let me clarify – horrors they didn’t bring upon themselves.

And no…I don’t consider having to de-plane because you drew the suspicion of your fellow air travelers a “horror.” An inconvenience…an annoyance…a hindrance…but not so much a tragedy.

Listen, it’s not our fault that there are more than a few members of your religion that are bat-shit-insane and have made your life more difficult. Blame them, not us. We’re just trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again. If that means we inconvenience a few Muslims…well…fine.

It’s for your safety too – so get over it.

And could I be anymore tired of these supposed “moderate” Muslims? How about the ones who think Israel’s defense of itself is only going to anger more and more moderate Muslims – and their best bet would just be to throw in the towel.

Well yeah…that would work out great for…well…crazy-ass whacked out need-to-be-wiped-off-the-planet Islamic extremists.

When you make comments like that – you are no longer a “moderate.” You’re not better than the person strapping a bomb to himself and blowing up a restaurant full of people – in search of martyrdom and however many effing virgins they get.

It’s sick. If there were ever a group of people who deserve the majority of intolerance directed at them – it’s them.

When they learn that their religion doesn’t reign supreme and that the rest of this planet isn’t going to sit back while they do whatever they want – then maybe we can talk about tolerance.

~T the D

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