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4 millions jobs…and growing!

January 11, 2009

I’m sure next week it will be 5 million.

I find it interesting that someone who has done nothing significant in his political career is going to miraculously create 4 million jobs for the American people.

I can’t wait to see how he pulls that out of his ass.

Maybe he’ll pull it out of the unicorn’s ass!

I’m also finding it HILARIOUS that people think the government sticking its grubby little paws into this whole mess is going to fix anything.

You know how BHO plans to create all these jobs? Well…he’s gonna spend an assload of money. And do you know where he’s gonna get that money? Well from taxes of course! Do you know who pays taxes? Well….you do!

So he’s going to take more of our money in order to create jobs so businesses don’t fail….

But…if we have less money…then we have less to spend…and if we have less to spend, doesn’t that HURT businesses?

So now these business have MORE employees because BHO created ALL these jobs…but they’re still going to struggle because no one is going to have enough money to go spend it.

Great plan BHO…GREAT plan.

~T the D

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