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Get ready…cause we have to MAKE BHO a great president!

January 11, 2009

At least that’s the word from Tavis Smiley…some retard they let have a show on PBS.

Here’s what he said:

These are exciting times. When I was last year, the day after, November 5th, the day after the election, really I was excited then about what had happened and transpired the night before. As an African-american male I revel in this moment. I revel in his humanity, I revel in this victory. I love all the talk about hope and change. Here’s what I fundamentally believe, and there have been a number of examples since the election, Joe, that underscore this for me. I want Barack Obama to be a great president. I want him to be a great president. I believe that he can be a great president. But only if we help make him a great president. It is not left to his own devices, it’s not going to happen. We have to help make him a great president. And that’s not casting aspersion on him. No president who was ever great wasn’t helped in that process. There is no Abraham Lincoln without Frederick Douglas. And we could do this all day long. Every great president had people pushing them, had people helping them and encouraging them, empowering them to become great presidents. So I believe Obama can be. I want him to be. But we have to help make this guy a great president.

There’s so much hype. So much hope. So much expectation. I don’t want him to falter in stepping into his moment because the challenges–to your point–are so great. And that’s not just a black thing. That’s an American thing, and I’m concerned, and I’m not the only one obviously who feels this way, I’m concerned about the people around him about what the people allow him, all these Clintonites. There’s a difference between being visionary and being revisionist. And what I’m sensing is, that we got a lot of folk that want to take us back to where we were, that’s revisionist. Can we be visionary? Can we really step into what this moment is? And that’s why I say I want him to be a great president. But we got to help. We can’t abandon him now. We can’t abandon our posts. What are we going to do to help make him a great president?

Listen…if Barack Hussein Obama can’t be a “great” president on his own “experience” and “merits” then no one of us is going to be able to elevate him to that stature.

Now, perhaps people in the MSM can falsely put him up on that pedestal – which they will undoubtedly do – at least right at first – but it will mean nothing.

These comments by Smiley are nothing less than pathetic – and really showcase the kind of idiocy the rest of us are going to have to deal with for years.

I had someone yesterday tell me what a great job BHO is going to do…because he’s going to create jobs. He’s got a “good” plan. When I asked exactly how he intended to make that happen – I got a blank stare – and an attempt to change the subject was made. But I wouldn’t let it go. I demanded some answers. If I can’t get any answers from BHO himself – perhaps I can get some from his worshipers. But I got nothing.

I’m convinced that Barack Hussein Obama could literally say anything – and people would believe it.

I fully expect him to come out next week and declare that he will ride up to the White House on a unicorn whilst farting rainbows and curing cancer. And people will then begin the process of making the unicorn our national symbol. Fuck the bald eagle.

~T the D

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