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"I’m not worried about white people."

January 11, 2009

“I’m not worried about white people. Hannity – I’m not worried what he says.” – Bill Cosby

I know I say a lot of things about the certain parts of the black population that won’t take responsibility for themselves – and then blame it on the white people bringing them down.

There are people of all colors and all walks of life who blame their circumstances on others – but none are a egregious as the allegations that certain black people make against white people.

Personally, I just wish it would end.

I don’t want to live in a world where race needs to matter this much. But really, when it gets down to it, don’t you see who is making race an issue? It’s people like Bill Cosby. He does do a lot to motivate other black people to take responsibility for themselves, I will give him that, but he still makes race the main issue.

Over and over, people in the black community perpetuate this problem by not letting the race issue go.

It’s time for it to end.

~T the D

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