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Like a good conservative….

January 11, 2009

I was watching Fox News last night instead of going to sleep like I really should have been – because I yawning non-stop and totally have that eye-watering thing going on that happens when you’re just constantly yawning.

Put I had to keep watching this program. I couldn’t even tell you what it was called – but it was video and interviews from a trip that actor Gary Sinise too there – you know the guy – “Lieutenant Dan” from Forrest Gump. Yeah, you know.

Anyway, it was amazing. First off – you got to hear first-hand from the soldiers how the country has changed – FOR THE BETTER. You never hear about that.

You also got to her about Saddam Hussein – and the terror he brought upon his country. The people he lined up and killed because they weren’t building his palaces fast enough. The lakes he built for him and his family – while his own soldiers were dying of dehydration.

They toured an unfinished palace…the Victory Over America palace. It was poorly put together – because contractors were so fearful that if they didn’t do it fast enough – they would be murdered. And their fears were valid.

Can you imagine living in a country like that?

We went there and took Saddam Hussein off his thrown and put him into the hands of the people who he violated – and we let them have their justice.

We helped them understand what freedom means – and what it feels like to have it

We’re giving them hope, daily, for a country that they don’t have to be afraid to live in.

Now I think someone should tell me what we’re doing wrong here – because I’m having a hard time figuring it out.

~T the D

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