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Is it a matter of IF…or WHEN?

January 22, 2009

Learning that BHO has taken action to close Gitmo, even with no clear plan on where these detainees will actually go, really sort of scared me a little bit.

A couple of days into office, and I already feel like he doesn’t “get it.” Everyone had been saying how the reality will hit him and he’ll realize he has to face the facts about this war we’re in. But I don’t think it happened. He might think some of us cling to guns and religion, but he doesn’t even understand that he foolishly clings to empty, idealistic notions.

We don’t need a president who thinks we can reason…that we can hold on to some standard of ideals that he won’t even define. We need a president who can say “You will never attack my country. I will die making sure you never attack my country.” Does anyone BHO is even capable of entertaining that thought? He doesn’t even LIKE this country. He thinks we’re broken. No wonder he isn’t making our safety his priority, there apparently isn’t much to save.

But in all honestly, this really is one aspect of this man’s presidency that I hope is a giant success….I want him to keep us safe. I just don’t know that he will.

Where is he going to put these terrorists? Their own countries don’t really want them back. No other country wants them either. Maybe members of congress should enact an “Adopt a Detainee” program or something. Let them take them home with them – see how well they sleep at night.

I’d love to see Nancy Pelosi driving off at the end of the day with her newly adopted Arab terrorist. No really…I would actually be giddy with joy to see that.

I truly hope I’m wrong, but it looks like we’re not going to get the resolve from BHO on this war like we did from President Bush. BHO is too much a proponent of the soft approach. He either doesn’t get it, or he ignores the fact that THIS is the time to act. If we let up even a little bit right now, everything we worked for, everything so many of our fellow Americans died for will be ruined. We cannot allow terrorists the time, energy and resources to regroup. We need to get tougher.

And I’m sorry, but we honestly just need to wipe these people out. How can you reason with a group of people who find dying for their cause the highest honor? You can’t. You just have to eliminate them. You do that, and you eliminate the spread of their ideology.

It’s unfortunate that it means the end of a lot of lives – but right now – it’s us or them. I choose them. Because I don’t want to wake up one morning to another 9-11. One was already quite enough.

~T the D

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  1. cocked and loaded permalink
    January 23, 2009 5:21 am

    I just hope in four years we cantake back our republic.

  2. Conservative Scalawag permalink
    January 23, 2009 1:29 pm

    I know should never wish harm on anybody, but if the radical islam-o-nazis strike, let it be Chicago.

  3. T the D permalink
    January 23, 2009 1:40 pm

    Just as long as it isn’t nuclear…I’m close to Chicago…I don’t want to wakeup one day to radioactive fallout! And do you think it’s too much to ask that they make it a point to take out the White Sox? I’m just saying… 🙂 ~T the D

  4. Eric permalink
    January 26, 2009 3:36 am

    What are you afraid of? Do you think these thugs are more dangerous than the current crop of gangsters, murderers, and rapists in our federal prisons? Prez Hussein will close Guantanamo and eliminate an international embarrassment. Any detainees that can’t be shipped back to their own countries will be in max security federal prisons where they will be assraped by freedom loving psychopaths. No big whoop.

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