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Why won’t anyone call him a liar?

February 2, 2009

Obama spoke heavily of his opposition of lobbyists during his campaign…said that he wanted to get away from that trend in Washington…he was adamant about it. He was passionate about it. You could almost believe he had real conviction about something.

Of course…anyone who hasn’t been downing Kool-Aid for the past year realized what was really going on…it was all lip service.

And now there’s proof…because Obama is not shunning lobbyists…the fucker is employing them!

The man is a liar.

He didn’t make some off-hand remarks about lobbyists during his campaign…if he had maybe we could overlook his current actions. But he didn’t, and we can’t.

This is what we can expect for the next 4 years…a man of little integrity. I’m not surprised by it. And if you are…I hope it’s at least opening your eyes.

~T the D

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