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I’d just like to make this clear…

February 5, 2009

When we catch a dirty, disgusting, blood-thirsty, sub-human, piece-of-dirt terrorists, I fully support any and all actions taken against said scum-bag.

You want to waterboard him? Go right ahead!

You want to tie someone naked to a cold tile floor for days at a time? You go get him!

You want to wrap him up in an Israeli flag and then make him believe he’s being smeared in menstrual blood? Perfect!

It’s not that I’m a cruel person…I probably wouldn’t want to see any of this go down. That’s why I’m quite thankful for the people who keep this country safe. They willingly do the dirty work, so I don’t have to worry about it. The gift they give to us is precious and in no way measurable.

And if they think these tactics will help, then I think they should have the right to do what is necessary.

These terrorists are barely human…they have no regard for our lives…and even at our worst, we don’t come close to their brand of cruelty.

~T the D

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