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Protecting whistle-blowers…

February 5, 2009

Totally stimulating! Right?

Well I guess not…which is why it’s odd (or not so odd if you’re hopelessly liberal) that they included increased protections for whistle-blowers in the new “stimulus” bill.

And Obama keeps imploring members of congress to pass this bill because if they don’t, catastrophe is looming.

They’re trying to vilify republicans because they refuse to go along with this giant pork-fest (hehe), but it’s really the democrats who are causing the delay.

Don’t you think if they would present a reasonable, pork-free, emergency stimulus bill that the majority of republicans would go for it?

All the dems have to do is get rid of the crap, and they’re home free.

But that’s not what they want. They don’t want to help Americans with a legitimate bill that possibly has the potential to help during this economic meltdown…no…they want to help THEMSELVES by taking advantage of this situation, and use OUR money their special interests.

It’s sickening and wrong. And it’s our esteemed leader who is singing the praises of this giant turd sandwich the most.

Today, right this very second, Obama disgusts me. This is who we elected…someone who cares more about special interests than than the citizens of his country.

I can’t say I’m surprised…I just didn’t think it would make want to vomit quite this much.

~T the D

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