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You never know who you might meet while looking at a can of mixed nuts…

February 5, 2009

Ok, so earlier this week I strolled on over to CVS to pick myself up some nuts and a Coke Zero and received more than I had expected.

There was a sweet looking older man down the nut aisle and as I was browsing the plentiful nut selection, he turned around and started talking about the weather. He mentioned how cold it was, and I told him we’d be getting some warmer days this weekend, and we had that to look forward to. And that’s when he started to recount some of his experiences from WWII. Normally I might have been itching to get my nuts and get back to work…but this man was fascinating.

He told me about how cold it would get, and all they had to sleep in were little pup tents. So they’d dig a big hole, throw some hay down in it for some cushion and then they’d put the pup tent over the top. They’d then pop open some canned heat for warmth. And you know what else he said? “And it wasn’t too bad.”

It wasn’t too bad…

Amazing. I get irritated when I have to put a sweater on because I get too cold. This man slept on hay while off fighting for his country. I guess I need to stop complaining.

My new friend didn’t stop at that story though…he also told me about having to empty out concentration camps…railroad cars full of bodies…and just having to dispose of the bodies because there was no possible way to identify them.

Can you imagine?

He also told me about a woman they had to stop from stealing patches of skin off the corpses…apparently she was using them to make lamps shades.


By this time we were both ready to go our separate ways…I told him how much of a pleasure it was to meet him and listen to him recount those experiences…and it really was a pleasure.

I will never forget that guy…and I will never stop being thankful for what he did, what so many people have done, what so many people are doing right now, and what so many people will do in the future for this country.

They do what I probably never could, and they’ve got my respect forever for it.

~T the D

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