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We’re still a conservative nation…just look at the stats

February 8, 2009

This is is kind of long, but if you just go through the statistics in only takes a few minutes, and it’s somewhat eye-opening…because even though a lot of people are supportive of Obama, their answers to the specific questions lean MUCH more to the right than they do to the left.

I feel like there must be a lot of people out there who are feeling duped right now because they bought into Barry’s crap, and now the reality of how he is going to run this country is starting to sink in.

They thought they were getting this moderate messiah who was going to ride by their houses every morning on his unicorn, throwing money at their doors. But what they got is a slimy mega-liberal who clearly has no clue how to run a country….let alone saddle up a pony (sorry unicorn fans).

It’s just too bad that while everyone is realizing the mistake that was made in electing Obama, he gets to run wild and play fast and loose with our country.

Lets just hope we can rebound from the many mistakes he’s going to make.

~T the D

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