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What a piece of work…

February 10, 2009

This is part of what Obama had to say about Republicans in his speech last night:

“It’s a little hard for me to take criticism from folks about this recovery package after they’ve presided over a doubling of the national debt. I’m not sure they have a lot of credibility when it comes to fiscal responsibility.”

I’ve been trying not to say the F-word because it’s quite unlady-like…but FUCK YOU!

And I’d say it to his face too.

Thank God I will never get used to him standing up and deliberately trying to deceive the American people. I will never give this up.

It was Democrats who had a majority in Congress when our economy started its downturn….before that we were doing quite well.

So who presided over this ‘disaster’?

It wasn’t us Obama…

I am growing increasingly frightened for our country. Obama doesn’t even recognize that the New Deal was what kept us in a depression for so long…it was only WWII that helped us out of it. With that in mind….doesn’t it make you wonder where we’d be today if we had never gone to war?

Is that the risk we want to take? Do we really want to force ourselves into a situation that only another WAR can get us out of?

That is frightening people.

And we’re facing it head on right now…because this bill is going to pass…and things may never go back to normal afterward.

And personally, right or wrong, I blame anyone who voted for this joke. Wake up. Smell the socialism and get a brain. I’m tired of doing all the thinking for you.

~T the D

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