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A stimulating analogy

February 18, 2009

Not really. But I’ll tell you anyway.

You know what this “stimulus” package is like?

It’s like if you wanted to get me a gift…say…tickets to a Broadway show (which I’m not opposed to by the way…just a thought), but you didn’t have the money.

So you decide that you’re going to take MY money…lots of it, cause you want to get me tickets to see the HOTTEST show right now.

And then you give me the tickets (that I essentially purchased for myself) and expect me to jump for joy and hug you and think you’re the best person ever to be born.

Then, later on, when I’m completely out of money, and I’m burning the ticket stubs for warmth because I can’t pay my heating bill – you’re going to expect to continue being grateful for that one night at a Broadway show.

Well this “stimulus” bill certain ain’t no Broadway show…but it is essentially taking money out of our hands. The burden on the tax payer, one way or another, is going to be immense.

And we’re supposed to be thankful…

How ass-backward is that?

~T the D

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