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Are you an angry renter?

February 20, 2009

Or a responsible homeowner that’s sick and tired of people defaulting on their mortgages and then holding their hands out?

Well, then you should visit this site

Renters who desire to purchase a home in the future and homeowners who diligently work to pay their mortgages every month should be outraged by what our government is trying to do.

They’re going provide a bailout that will artificially keep house prices high and make it more difficult for people to buy a home, especially if they’re trying to do so for the first time. So as a renter, you should be especially outraged.

The government has just flipped you the bird, and then smiled. They decided that people who were either incapable or unwilling to pay their mortgages should be the recipients of a multi-billion dollar bailout. They’re rewarding irresponsibility and punishing those who are doing the right thing.

Don’t sit back and take it.

~T the D

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