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If you only read one other thing today…

February 22, 2009

Let it be this

We should let the people who have lived through the horrors of socialism show us what NOT to do

I don’t want to find myself 20 years from now telling my kids what things “used” to be like…or find myself living in another country, thankful that I was able to get away from a country that turned its back on me

I never understood how much I loved my country until I realized someone could take it away from me…and now we all appear to be in a position where we have to fight to keep it

And I’m really not going down without a fight on this one. Screw this liberal agenda. Not only do I not accept, I intend to revolt against it.

How I will do that remains to be seen, but I promise not to shoot anyone in the face. I can’t make any promises about knees however…

I wonder how long it will be before saying things like that gets you put in jail…

~T the D

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