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In case you missed it…

February 25, 2009

Here is my titillating twittering from the speech last night:

I pretty much hate when Obama interrupts my evening with a stupid address to the nation…as if we don’t already get enough of him

nancy pelosi is the scariest woman alive. she needs to go on medication

this just in: Barack Obama is going to ride around on his unicorn curing cancer with the fairy dust a leprecaun gave him

Whatever…Barack Obama doesn’t care if you drop out of high school. In fact, he probably WANTS you to drop out. You’ll be easier to dupe

Hey Barry, maybe you should give businesses incentives to keep jobs here…just a thought. But what do I know? I’ve only got common sense

Sweet Jesus, Nancy Pelosi’s knees must be aching by now…all that standing/sitting/standing/sitting. Just sit and try not to look scary

Yeah Barry, your values sure are keeping us a lot safer. Tell me that thing about unnecessary war again

Ok, what exactly is the point of this speech? It’s borderline torture

Hahahaha…no Barry, not every American sitting there loves this country. It doesn’t appear that you love it very much

50 minutes of pure crap…I would have rather had a colonoscopy

How audacious of Obama to promise not to pass on debt to future generations…then WTF was that $781 billion about?

Blah blah blah – why are we still talking about Obama’s race? I guess it’s either that or talk about what a failure he is

One day in the near future crap with BHO’s signature on it will be selling on ebay for pennies…that’s my prediction

I kind of hope BHO gets carpal tunnel signing all those autographs

I love Bobby Jindal and his weird head…I just wasn’t aware he was a person of “color.” WTF is wrong with people?

Hey, guess what? I’m not sure if you knew…but Barack Obama is half white! So does that mean I should only care about half his speech?

I’m over it…I gotta turn the news off before I have a stroke

reading some more Mark Twain and then going to BED…NOT counting down the minutes until I can hear another BHO speech

I’m surprised I didn’t say anything worse than I did…

~T the D

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