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My new diet plan:

February 25, 2009

To constantly watch Barack Hussein Obama…because it’s hard to eat when you’re gagging.

Here’s some more words of widsom from our leader (if you can call him that):

Let me be clear: The choice we face is not between some oppressive government-run economy or a chaotic and unforgiving capitalism.

Capitalism isn’t chaotic or unforgiving…not unless the government tries to regulate it…but then it’s not really capitalism after that, is it?

I really want to take the high road and have respect for my president…but he sickens me. I have yet to see him do or say one thing that could be labeled as commendable…at least not sincerely so.

I don’t consider his 30 second shout out to the troops a kind gesture…it’s just lip service. Filling his quota. He has slammed our efforts to keep our country safe at every turn…you can’t do that and then say you support the men and women fighting for us.

Sickening. What else can I say about it?

~T the D

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