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I can’t get off the tax issue…

March 1, 2009

I just can’t. It bothers me so bad.

Plus, I’m running on 2 hours of sleep, a croissantwich, and a Coke Zero right now. If I don’t obsess about something, I’m going to pass out.

So, let me lay out some stats that need to be shared.

Roughly 50% of all taxes are paid by just 5% of Americans. How do people not find that astounding? And if I’m remembering correctly, the top 20% of Americans pay about 80% of the taxes. So yeah…there’s a shit load of people who pay nothing or next to nothing in taxes. And liberals call it “progressive.” Sounds like fricking grand theft if you ask me.

Doesn’t it piss you off that such a small portion of our citizens are shouldered with the biggest burden of keeping this country running…very often BADLY? It’s sick.

And then people have to go and talk about these “rich” people like they’re evil because they have money. Really, they’re just jealous. Hell, I’d like to be rich. I hope that one day, through hard work and determination I’ll have much more money than I do now. But I don’t HATE and bad-mouth people who are already there. How does that make any sense?

And the most infuriating part is that liberals and stupid people (there is definitely some overlap in there) think that it’s not only ok to tax the life right out of that 5% of people, but that when tax cuts are given, you can’t give them to those people because they’re too rich…and that would mean you’re just giving tax breaks to the wealthy.

Holy shit, how do people not see what’s wrong with that line of logic? If you’re going to give people a tax cut…then the people who pay THE MOST TAXES are probably going to get MORE MONEY BACK.

Sweet baby Jesus, I am practically comatose right now and it makes total sense to me.

So really, when liberals and idiots (slightly different than stupid people…but still some overlap) go on about tax breaks for the “middle class” what they’re really saying is that they’re to keep taxing the shit out of “The Man” and then let all the other more deserving people (you know, the ones you don’t pay taxes) have the money.

But that’s not Socialism…no…that’s just called being “fair.”

Obama can put his “fairness” in a pipe and smoke it. I’m sure he knows how.

~T the D

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