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You know who’s not a friend?

March 1, 2009

The idiot who calls you at 4am to tell you that he’s drunk and stuck downtown because his friends got arrested for something or other (quality)…and then flips you the bird, calls you a bitch, and informs you that he doesn’t really like being your friend anyway, simply because instead of driving him to his car (because drunk people and vehicles don’t mix) you drove him 25 minutes to his house so he could sleep it off and walk the 10 minutes to his car in the morning.

Then after you’ve done this good deed, he texts you to inform you that he went to get his car anyway, and drove it home…at 5 in the morning…drunk.

And this is ok…now I have room for a friend who doesn’t drink like he thinks it might become an Olympic event that he needs to train for.

~T the D

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