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Rest easy…the endangered animals are safe!

March 4, 2009

Obama is restoring some stupid endangered species act provision that Bush (apparently coldheartedly) had changed.

I don’t even care. Humans are dominant. If other animals can’t survive – they suck. It’s totally fine, we’ll have pictures to show kids years from now. We can stuff a few and put them in museums. It’ll be just like they still exist.

Crazy liberal animal protection loons (redundant?) are having a field day of course. I bet just the sight of Obama gives them all chubbies (vulgar).

Take Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, for example, who said “Endangered species are breathing a deep sigh of relief today.”

No offense to Kieran (uh, man or woman?), but I’m pretty sure animals don’t give a shit what Obama says. Except for my cats of course – who are staunch conservatives and are being trained to attack liberals on command. Code word? “Reagan.” Incidentally, there has been a lot of talk of Reagan on TV as of late…Domino and Delylia have attempted to rip Newt Gingrich’s eyeballs out through the TV on several occasions. I’m working on this problem.

Anyway, animals do not know they’re endangered, thus they won’t know when they’re un-endangered…thus they emit no sighs of relief regarding such matters.

Find me a liberal with some common sense and I will clean your house naked. Apparently that’s in hot demand these days.

~T the D

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