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Unemployment numbers rise again….

March 7, 2009

The national average is now 8.1% – they’re saying that’s the highest in 25 years.

It’s even higher around my area – next door in Elkhart County they have an unemployment rate in the double digits and climbing.

I believe Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of that freak show are having a party right now to celebrate – because this is EXACTLY what they want.

The worse it gets, the more the sheep will look to them for an answer…for a solution to this problem. And isn’t that their ultimate goal, to get the people wanting more of them? To NEED them? If the people don’t need them, then they’re nothing. Liberals in power pray on the weak and only seek to make them weaker.

So these numbers are like a gift from God to these people. Because now they can swoop in with their “stimulus” and tell everyone that jobs will be created or saved (I think we’re up to what, 25 jobs saved now?) and that their prayers have been answered…the liberals are here to save the day!

Except, they really don’t tell the whole story, now do they? What do they intend to do when all of this “stimulus” money runs out? Because you and I, the intelligence holding this country together, we know that what little this money does to help the economy is going to be short-lived. Maybe a few jobs are saved here and there…but what about later? What about when the money is gone, where will the money come to pay those salaries?

Well, my guess is (and I believe I’m 100% correct here) that Obama and his loons will put another trillion dollars of non-existent money on the table and try to fool us all again into believing we need it. And when that money runs out, and the economy has tanked even more, they’ll try it again.

And then their goal will be complete, because they will OWN us, which is what they dream about at night. So make no mistake…they aren’t doing this on accident. I sincerely believe they know exactly what they’re doing.

I’ve said it before – it’s a slow, quiet walk down the road to socialism…and right now we’re all being lead there on a leash…and the pace just got a little faster.

~T the D

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