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Why won’t we secure our own border?

March 11, 2009

There’s nothing good on TV tonight, so I have been obsessing on this issue all evening.

Everyone knows we have a serious problem on our southern border. Illegals are coming in, drugs are coming in, and people are dying due to drug-smuggling related incidences.

It’s ridiculous.

Calderon, the Mexican president, blames us, because he claims the majority of the guns used by drug cartels come from the U.S. Yet, he has shown a complete lack of competence in keeping the border even remotely secure. He’s playing the blame game, and it’s getting old. I realize that we’re not doing the right thing on our end of the border, but you can’t cry foul about it when YOU’RE doing nothing about it either.

We’re going to get no help from Mexico, that much is clear. It is up to us to secure our border so we can keep illegals and drugs out.

In my opinion, given the threat of terrorism around the globe, securing all of our borders should be one our highest, if not our highest priority.

Bush disappointed me on this issue, and clearly Obama won’t be doing any better either. Frankly, I don’t think that either Obama or Calderon REALLY want the border to be “secure.” They both like the idea of illegals coming over here. Illegals send tons of cash back to Mexico, and if Obama can get all of the illegals made citizens, his votes for the next election just went up.

Obama has said that he doesn’t want to “militarize” the border. Well that’s just tough, because it’s what we need at the moment. It’s out of control down there, and he’s talking about putting a plan in place within a few MONTHS.
I guess it’s ok for him to spend our money, but not keep us safe. I’m really glad he’s got his priorities straight.

~T the D

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