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Break it down (na na na na na)

March 14, 2009

That title really has nothing to do with what I’m talking about – just go with it. It’s early – and I’m already weird. So tired and weird usually give you these sorts of results.

I digress.

I wanna talk about healthcare – specifically – NATIONALIZED healthcare. Now, anyone who is actually in favor of this system of healthcare is either a raging socialist or has had their frontal lobe removed.

You have to be pretty common-sense challenged in order to believe nationalized medicine actually works. And it just tickles me how people cite Canada and certain European nations as positive examples of how the system works. Because the truth is – those systems are top heavy – they have people trying to extract more benefits from the system than are actually being paid in. Not only that, but their rates for curing illnesses are lower than ours (because they deny care to a lot of people).

So what do these progressive nations do? Well, one option is to tax people even more. Another is to start denying care to certain individuals. Oh the humanity of it all…the government telling you whether the treatment for you and your particular illness is cost-effective enough. The other option is to simply let the system collapse under it’s own weight.

Now, is any of this sounding desirable to you? Because frankly, it’s scares the skittles (currently substituting candy for curse words) right out of me.

In effect, your government would actually own a stake in your health and well-being. This is especially important for senior citizens to pay attention to – because they are the ones most likely to be denied care under a nationalized healthcare system. When you’ve got a system that will ultimately become top-heavy – and you have to pick and choose who receives care – the elderly get the shaft. Lets say a 70 year old man develops cancer. Hypothetically, lets say it would cost the government $100,000 to treat him. Whether the treatment cures him or not – he’s probably not going to live long enough for the government to recoup the costs they incurred to treat him.

So our big friendly government will say “Sorry old man, you’re just too old and too sick for us to do anything for you. Please go wait to die.”

So they’ll reserve this costly cancer treatment for someone younger.

We’ll effectively become a society that kills our babies before they’re born, and then treat our elderly like dying cattle and herd them toward the bright white light.

Paraphrasing a quote I heard once (source unknown): you can tell a lot about a society from the way they treat their kids and their elderly.

What do you think it will say about the kind of society we’ve become when an abortion is just another medical procedure and we leave our seniors to die?

But that’s what happens when the government grows – the people become nothing more than cattle for them to herd.

Where’s the hope in that?

There isn’t any. This particular issue is probably the one that frightens me the most – because if Obama gets nationalized healthcare, I don’t think there is any going back from that. We will never be the same great nation again.

~T the D

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