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For sale! Everything must go!

March 14, 2009

I’m just getting ready for when we have to put the “For Sale” sign out on our entire country.

We’re already in debt to China for over a trillion dollars. Oh, and they’ve got their panties in a knot over it too. Rightfully so – their investment is tanking!

This is worrisome indeed.

If we have to print more money to handle our burgeoning debt – that devalues the Chinese investment (not to mention what it does to the cost of living here).

Do we really need China pissed off at us? If we can’t pay them back, are they going to commandeer Texas (only half joking)?

This is just one more reason that Obama and Congress are all giving us the shaft with these massive amounts of spending. It cannot be sustained – but they’re going to try. Because that’s what liberals do best – spend money. Oh, correction – spend OTHER people’s money.

I swear to God…if Chinese becomes our national language…I’m writing someone a letter.

~T the D

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