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FINALLY – Obama gets it!

March 15, 2009 story: (h/t Patterico)

President Obama is joking that Republicans would like to see him
get lost in the Amazon.

Obama made the crack Saturday in the Oval Office after a
meeting with Brazil’s president.

Obama said he would like to visit Brazil and thinks he should
visit Rio de Janeiro, where he
understands the beaches are nice.

Then he said he would love a trip to the Amazon. He joked that
he suspects the Republican Party would like to see him travel through the Amazon
and maybe get lost for while.

Obama has faced growing criticism from Republicans over his
budget proposal. They say he spends, taxes and borrows too much.

I guess it was only a matter of time before he got our subtle hints.

Seriously though…this is beyond pathetic. To joke like that with another leader makes him look foolish, and sound like a victim. Isn’t it bad enough that we’ve got Hillary Clinton running around giving people “reset” buttons? And that we gave the British PM the crappiest gift ever in the history of the world?

I’m not sure what Obama thought he was doing making statements like that. If it was an attempt at a jab at the GOP – it didn’t work. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. What has he done in the past few weeks that has worked?

~T the D

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