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Get angry…just direct it in the right direction

March 17, 2009

All I’ve heard about today is AIG and how people are just sickened and outraged that they could take our money and give out millions of dollars in bonuses.

Personally – I’m not even mad at AIG. I direct my anger almost solely at Congress and Barack Hussein Obama. If not for their beloved bailouts, none of this would even be an issue. We wouldn’t be listening to Obama ‘scold’ AIG because he feels that he has the right now that the government owns 80% of it.

This false concern about where OUR money is going is a joke – because if not for his and Congress’ negligence, this wouldn’t be happening.

AIG and every other company in trouble should have been left to enter bankruptcy – where there just so happens to be REAL regulations on what these places can do with their money.

Instead, Obama and Congress are in charge and trying (in vain) to make AIG obey…the latest I’ve heard is that they’re cooking something up so they can tax these bonuses at a 100% tax rate. Nice.

So yeah, I’m pretty pissed. My money is out there somewhere, and God knows what is being done with it. But I’m furious with the president and his little cronies in Congress. They’re the problem here – because they just can’t help themselves. They’re the ones who sicken me, because they’re ruining our country.

They’re the ones who need to be stopped.

~T the D

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