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I’m alive!

April 5, 2009

I just realized I hadn’t blogged since Thursday…rarely do I go much more than a day without writing SOMETHING!

I do apologize for my negligence – but much of the blame must be placed on the virus my computer contracted earlier in the week.

It was a real vicious whore….I ended up having to have my dad help me reload the operating system. Thankfully I was able to backup all things of importance beforehand – so nothing was lost!

But I did realize how desperately dependent I am on this computer – good or bad, that’s just the way it is. God forbid we ever revert back to the dark ages before computers and the internet…I’d just end it all right then!

I will try to write something of significance later…if I don’t pass out before then!

~T the D

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  1. The Ripley Porch permalink
    April 6, 2009 3:40 pm

    A couple of tips. Get a real firewall (Zone-alert is free and ok). Get McAfee as your virus checker. It’ll cost you $35 a year but it detects everything fairly quickly. It utilizes less RAM than Norton…thus the positive. Download Spybot (free), and utilize it once or twice a week. Finally, don’t download anything on email attachments that is questionable.

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