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I blame myself for piracy…I really do

April 19, 2009

It’s my day to do actions that cause these poor, helpless, hungry men to hijack ships, take prisoners and demand a random.

Perhaps if I wasn’t so wrapped up in working everyday to ensure food, shelter, clothing and other necessities for myself, I would have had more time to help these poor guys, forced into piracy against their will. I mean, they’re just trying to make a buck. It doesn’t matter how they do it.

Taking what isn’t yours is ok, as long as your excuse is good enough.

And as long as we’re foolish enough to believe that our actions at home aren’t the direct cause of these hijackings, they will continue to happen. So you see, we just have to show a bit more compassion. Feed these countries a bit more money. Because once we do that, the problem will be solved!

Surely, after our divine intervention, no one will be poor…no one will be hungry – and this means none will ever again accept a life of piracy.

Nope, never.

~T the D

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