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Global Warming…it’s so hot right now

June 29, 2009
The way Congress is trying to get the American Clean Energy And Security Act passed, you’d think there weren’t bigger problems in this country…like crippling national debt and rising unemployment!

What’s worse, this bill will only ADD to those problems. You wouldn’t know it by liberal (and some ‘conservative’) support of the bill though. To them it is the answer to our global warming woes. And now, let all of the intelligent rational people of the world collectively vomit at this thought.

I’ve been saying it for a while now, I don’t believe that the majority of these congressmen and women actually believe in or are concerned with global warming – I believe it is just one of the many political platforms they keep stashed away for use when they see fit. And now they have the perfect opportunity to get up on their convenient little soapboxes, because they have a chance to tax us more and spend our hard-earned money on crap we don’t need. Because global warming, the brand liberals and wackos want to sell you, is not real.

Global warming is supposedly caused by greenhouse gases (which by the way, is essential to our survival here on earth). The bill Congress wants to pass will, in some dream world, reduce such gases by 17 percent by the year 2020.

That’s quite a feat, considering there’s no solid evidence that the climate change our planet goes through is caused by human beings. So how can we reduce it, when we don’t cause it? Oh that’s right…we can’t!

Here’s a little chart that I find helpful:

(Picture taken from this IBD editorial)

Now, the chart doesn’t show the breakdown of the OTHER gases involved in the greenhouse effect, but I just happen to know that the majority of it is water vapor. Completely harmless water vapor. Only a small percentage (3.62%) of greenhouse gas is made up of carbon dioxide, which is what everyone is convulsing about. And then it gets better, because humans can only be held responsible for 3.4% of ALL the carbon dioxide gases involved in the greenhouse effect. When I learned that doing research a while ago, it almost blew my mind. We’re only responsibe for a small portion of what is already small portion of all of the gases involved in the greenhouse effect.

So I guess we can spend millions of dollars of hard-earned money on preventing destructive humans from sending all that harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but it won’t do a damn thing.

We’re not going to cure our planet of global warming people, and it’s damn foolish to think we will. Because ‘global warming’ is nothing more than a label and a scare tactic.

Our planet naturally warms and cools. It has been that way for billions of years. I feel fairly certain that Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her inept crew won’t be changing that anytime soon.

~T the D
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  1. The Employed Unemployed permalink
    July 19, 2009 1:01 am

    Not believing in Global Climate Change (a term the hippies seem to forget all about because it isn't as negative sounding) isn't something people can get behind.

    Disagreeing with something that the ill-educated think is totally real, totally evil and totally hip to believe is like trying to sway children into listening to classical compositions instead of the Jonas Brothers.

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