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Fort Hood, and the answers I want

November 9, 2009

As I watched the reaction after the news broke about Fort Hood, there seemed to be a collective outrage against the shooter, and rightfully so.  He killed 13 people and wounded 31 others.  Not to mention the number of lives that were affected by the loss of a loved one.  And you can’t forget about the people who may not have sustained physical injuries, but the event will haunt them forever. 

But with outrage people so often lose common sense.  Everyone latched on to the fact that the shooter is a Muslim.  Is it relevant?  Yes.  I think we’re fooling ourselves if we say it isn’t.  What disturbed me is that the entire story, at least from where I was sitting, became about the religious views of the shooter.   

As more information became available and a portrait of this man emerged, my thoughts centered on HOW he could have possibly been allowed to remain in the military.  Maybe someone with more experience dealing with the military has insight as to how they could allow him remain a soldier.  For now, it leaves me baffled.   

Is this an isolated incident where someone slipped through the cracks, with deadly consequences?

Or does it speak to a larger problem, where soldiers are not being removed from duty when they clearly have questionable mental stability?

Or, does it speak to a different problem entirely, where political correctness has seeped into the military, making it more difficult to deal with people who may come from a ‘sensitive’ background?

I have no idea what the answer is to any of those questions.  I’d like to know.  Because in my mind, that is the real issue surround the tragic attack at Fort Hood.  


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