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Well would you just look at this little delinquent

December 17, 2009

That’s 4-year-old Taylor Pugh, and he is quite the face of blatant juvenile delinquency, isn’t he? 

He’s not even allowed to attend regular pre-kindergarten classes at his school in Texas because of it. 

And what did this little tyke do to warrant being sequestered from the rest of his school?  Well, he grew his hair too long. 

According to the Mesquite Independent School District, Taylor (who likes to be called “Tater Tot”) is in violation of their strict dress code.  They originally suspended him, but when it became obvious that neither he nor his parents were going to budge and cut his long-ish locks, they’d just put him into a special class at the school, where they apparently put all the other delinquents. 

I wonder what other offenses kids in that class have committed.  Stains on their t-shirts?  Fingernails that aren’t clipped properly?  God forbid!

I checked out the school district’s dress code policy.  Here’s a snippet:

It has long been the philosophy of the Mesquite Independent School District that the public school system is responsible for the total development of each child enrolled within its schools.

This total development includes the training of students in social and moral standards, ethical conduct, good manners, and good grooming as well as the teaching of academic subjects.

That’s interesting, because here I thought it was the responsibility of a child’s family to teach him or her about morals, ethics, manners, and grooming. 

Don’t get me wrong, I believe schools have to adhere to standards.  But schools are not in place to teach our children what a proper hairstyle is.  What right do they have to tell Taylor or his parents that his hair is unacceptable?  Nothing about that child’s hair screams “distraction” or “unacceptable.”   

It’s a little scary that schools actually have this kind of authority.  “Cut your kid’s hair or we’ll make his educational experience miserable.”  That might as well be what they said to them.  And we trust these people to responsibly educate our children.



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  1. July 11, 2010 1:40 am

    On behalf of Parents in Mesquite Texas we are can’t stand the school district and their oppresive policies. Please support us by publishing this link to our site:

    A few stat’s you should know about Mesquite ISD is that in the last AEIS report they showed that the suspended minority students almost two to one as against white students. That only minority students were expelled from the schools to the juvenile justice system and while fighting Taylor Pugh over his hair length Mesquite ISD had schools with TAKS scores in the 50’s.

    Mesquite ISD is everything that is wrong with education today.

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