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Craig Fry, you should be ashamed of yourself

January 26, 2010

I’m not sure what caused Craig Fry to turn into such a cranky-pants, but I think he needs to keep his emotions in check.

Someone I know, who shall remain nameless sent an e-mail to all of the Indiana State Representatives.  Craig Fry represent district 5  here in the state.  The e-mail was simple:

I demand you vote NO on HB1025. I promise you that you will pay the price at the voting box if you try and pass this bill.

Our one “weapon” when dealing with politicians is the power of our vote.  They don’t have it, they lose.  I’ve sent similarly worded e-mails to many politicians.  I want them to know how I feel on issues, and that I vote.  I guess Craig Fry doesn’t appreciate knowing how voters feel, however.  This was his response:

I voted NO last year!  I spent money to advertise against the transportation district on the radio!  I have an amendment to take St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties out of the bill!  I don’t know who you think you are, but don’t ever threaten me again!

His overuse of the exclamation point aside, he completely overreacted to the original e-mail.  He could have simply stated that he opposed the bill and will continue to oppose the bill.  Simple as that.  Instead, he attacked, and accused a voter of threatening him.  Clearly, Mr. Fry doesn’t appreciate being reminded that is job is only safe if he has the votes to keep it that way.

This was the reply to Mr. Fry’s e-mail:

Excuse me for voicing my opinion – who do you think you are? I was simply making sure I communicated to every member and letting you know where I stand. If you voted NO before and you plan on it again, then you have my support. Calm down and remember who you work for there Craig.

And then, Mr. Fry’s reply to the reply:

I always remember who I work for!  I will not calm down and don’t threaten me again!

The man can’t even reply to a simple e-mail from a voter without having a meltdown.  Surely he receives correspondence that is more abrasive than what he received here.  I’d hate to see how he responds to those.

So I think Mr. Fry should be quite ashamed of himself today.  That’s no way to represent the people of Indiana.  I think he should either learn how to compose himself, or get out of politics.


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