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Health Care Reform and the Democrat Disconnect

February 3, 2010

As someone who opposes the proposed health care reform legislation, I love seeing its supporters grappling with the dilemma that they’re now faced with.  With Scott Brown likely to vote against most versions of such a bill, and more moderate Democrats shying away from it in an attempt to save their positions in Congress, chances are it will wilt on the vine.

Of course, that won’t stop staunch supporters from continuing to push the bill through.  And that’s ok, they’re allowed.  Even though it’s junk legislation, I imagine it’s hard to give up on your ideological dream.  In doing so however, they run the risk of revealing to the American people that their intentions are not to do our will, but do what they think is right.

Now I’ve heard it before, that we elect officials to represent us, not take a vote every time they have to make a decision.  That fact is not lost on me.  I have a decent understanding of how politics works.  But you cannot tell me that it isn’t right, or in the best interest of these politicians to at least get a feel for what their constituents are after.  I mean, these are the people that elect you.  You want to keep them happy.  Right?

So look at the facts.  Just 38% of voters favor the current health care legislation, while 56% oppose it.  And if you’re skeptical, look no further than Massachusetts.  Arguably the most liberal state, and they elected a Republican senator mainly as a referendum on health care form.  That’s a pretty clear and strong message.  But it’s one that I don’t think the president or many members of Congress really understand.

In his State of the Union Address President Obama acknowledged that support for the bill was waning, but he also vowed not to give up on it, because it’s what we need.  Or so that’s what he wants us to believe.  And today he’s still asking members of Congress to “finish the job.”  I’m sorry, but I don’t live in a country where it’s the president’s right or responsibility to tell me what I need.  I can figure that out just fine on my own.  I’d bet most of you can too.

So, what about the facts?  What about the majority of people not supporting this bill?  What about an entire country that rallied around a special election in Massachusetts just so we could put someone in Congress that would oppose the bill?  How loudly do the people of this country have to scream that we don’t want this health care reform?

I don’t think we can scream loud enough to affect ideologues like Obama.  There is a severe disconnect between them and The People.  He has an agenda, and he’s sticking to it.  Will of The People be damned.

And that folks, is scary.


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