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Trish vs. The 2010 Census

May 23, 2010

I received a regular census form in the mail.  I also received an American Community Survey in the mail.  I decided from the beginning to object to both and see what happens.

First, they sent me a lot of mail.  Most of stating how important the census is and how the American Community Survey will help them better understand where to send funding.

Then visits from census workers started.  For most part I ignored them, until one evening as I had just sat down to relax and watch a movie.  There was a knock on the door, so I decided to face the problem head-on.  The result was a shouting match in my front yard with a heinous woman (who explain to me several times how important she was because she works for the federal government).  I had fully intended to just tell her to go away, but she threatened to talk to my neighbors about me.  It wasn’t a pretty scene.

A few days later, another lady showed up.  She was significantly more pleasant, so I allowed her to give me her speech about sending in the census.  She said she just needed the age and race of all the occupants of my house and she could leave me alone.  I nicely asked her what race had to do with anything.  She said it helps them to know where to send federal funds.  So again, I nicely asked her why more or less funding would be sent to an area based on the color of skin of its residents.  She didn’t have an answer.  She just stared at me and said she could “look it up.”  I told her not to bother, because there is no explanation.

We had a cordial encounter and I thanked her for being a decent human being, unlike the other person who had been stopping by.  She was getting ready to leave and she said she hopes that I decide to fill out my census, otherwise “groups” of people would be coming by to “compel” me to fill it out.  I said “You mean groups of people are going to harass me in my home?”  She didn’t even bother to deny it.  She nodded her head, knowing that’s exactly what they were going to do.

So far today, she’s been back to my house at least 2 times.  She stands outside knocking on my door for 5 minutes, making my dog bark and making me want to lose my mind.

I suppose if I gave them a few pieces of information I could make it all go away, but I plan to continue my protest and see where it goes.

God  help the group of people who try to coerce me into filling this form out.  They don’t know what kind of patriot they’re dealing with.


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