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I heart you Arizona

May 27, 2010

I felt like the state needed some love, considering what left-wing wackos are trying to do to it.  All because they’re making an attempt to enforce laws that the federal government refuses to.

Crap like this infuriates me:

I’m at work, so I’m just popping in to post this.  I haven’t had time to research the sponsors of this boycott, but I will.  There will also be phone calls and e-mails placed.  I urge you to do the same.  If they can direct attacks at a state that’s doing nothing but upholding what the federal government should be doing, they can take the angry onslaught from people who value this country enough to want to keep it safe and secure.

We refuse to secure our borders.  We refuse to crack down on the illegals that are here (and who knows how many are coming in daily).  There is absolutely  no deterrent to keep more illegals coming into this country.  There is nothing stopping people who want to get here illegally so they can attack our country.

This isn’t an issue of race.  This is an issue of protection.  If I lived in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the native language, I might expect that under some circumstances a person of authority might want proof that I have a legal right to be there.  Of course, I wouldn’t expect that just because I speak or look different I’d be put under a microscope.  This law in Arizona allows local law enforcement officials to legally request proof of residency status, if it is warranted.  It is perfectly appropriate.

I hope Arizona refuses to back down.  I hope Arizona clings to the rights it has to remain safe and secure, even if the federal government has abandoned that quest.

There are a lot of people supporting the state right now.  I’m one of them.


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